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Style and Beauty The entry door to your house makes a design statement and the front door knocker sets the mood for your guest and vistors. The front door knocker should be well built and hung so that it operates correctly. Choosing the style and design of the front door knocker is a question of personal taste. The question is always, how to choose the right front door knocker for your home? We hope the following with give you some insight into how to select the right front door knocker for your home.

The front door to your home is a welcome center to your guest and anybody that stops by for a visit. Your front door is the first place where most people get the first view of your home. It is important that you pay attention to your entrance and most front door knockers will add that special welcome that you are looking for.

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This doorknocker is sand-cast in yellow or red brass, with a choice of nickel plate, oiled bronze or verdigris finish.
Price: $168.00 USD
Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 5"

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When shopping for various designs of front door knockers, you will want to take into consideration the style of the front door as well as any other exterior design. Is there glass in the front door, is the front door wood or steel, what is the design or style of the front door.

Your front door knocker should enhance the look of your home and front door. Is the style or theme of the front door knocker fit with the overall design of your home. Be creative and try different designs before you make the holes to install your front door knocker. You can also shop on line for different door knockers.

Front door knockers are made from brass, bronze, wood and many other materials, some with an antique finish. A decorative front door knocker can add elegance and style to any front door, lockset or hardware handle set knob on your front entry door. You will find that installing a front door knocker may require professional help, but most front door knockers can be easily installed with just a few hand tools.

If a template for installing your new door knocker has been included, it would be suggested that you use the template. If no template has been included, you might try using some painter blue tape as a guide for placement of any holes that might be drilled.

Finish and Style The color of the front door might determind the style and finish of your front door knocker. You might even consider the exterior house trim as you make a statement with your front door by installing a front door knocker. The material used for the front door knocker might be metal, wood or porcelain. Make sure the front door knocker will fit your front door. Choose a front door knocker that will add beauty to the style of your front door and home.

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This doorknocker is sand-cast in yellow or red brass, with a choice of nickel plate, oiled bronze or verdigris finish.
Bay Scallop
Price: $60.00 USD
Dimensions: 3.75"diam.

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The front door knocker you choose and the style will give your guest their first impression of who you are. The style, size, finish and may other features add to your front door appearance and choosing the right front door knocker will make a lasting impression for guest to your home. You need to remember that a lasting impression is usually the first impression that people receive.


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