Install Information

You will find that installing a front door knocker may require professional help, but most front door knockers can be easily installed with just a few hand tools.

You should position the front door knocker at the correct height so that it is easy to reach by the average person. One thing to remember, is that before you drill any holes you should check the door knocker for being plumb, you could just check it visually or use a level to check your front door knocker for placement

The style and type of front door knocker will determine how you install the knocker. You might just have to secure the knocker with a few screws or you might have to drill holes for hardware on the inside to secure the knocker.

If a template for installing your new door knocker has been included, it would be suggested that you use the template. If no template has been included, you might try using some painter blue tape as a guide for placement of any holes that might be drilled.

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